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Our Policy

We certainly understand that many guests want to make reservations to dine in our beautiful outdoor space. We may not have the availability to move outdoor reservations inside in case of inclement weather, given indoor space constraints. After many years in business, we've found the policy outlined below enables us to accommodate as many guests as possible while balancing our operational needs, uncertainty due to weather, etc.


We open reservations availability on our patio the night before a given date, after carefully reviewing the weather forecast. If the weather looks uncertain, we may wait until the next morning or even just before a shift starts to open patio reservations. It is possible - particularly during the summer - that we may not open patio reservations at all. It just depends on the weather! If and when we do decide to open patio reservations, we will then move to the patio as many reservations as possible that have reserved INDOORS but noted their preference (via their reservations notes) for OUTSIDE. After doing this, guests without reservations can make reservations for outdoor tables on our website reservations portal. If you would like the certainty of an advanced reservation AND you would like to sit outside, we recommend you make a reservation inside and clearly note your preference for outside dining. We will move you outside as explained above, pending the weather. We cannot guarantee inside availability for guests who make outside reservations. If you have an indoor reservation and you did not note your preference for outside seating, we will accommodate a request to sit outside as best we can.